My Playland

In our first house, I went from having a designated craft room to using the bottom half of a china hutch.  Adding two more children will do that.

When we found this house, I was infatuated slightly enamored with the custom hobby area in the basement.  I think it was originally designed for someone who sews.  (That would NOT be me.  Although I sometimes pretend by bookmarking really cute sewing projects that I hope my mom will eventually volunteer to make for me.  Oops–did I actually type that?  Now she’s going to be on to me.  ;)

I was excited to be able to create in that area… someday… after unpacking a bazillion more important boxes containing things like dishes, clothing, school books, and toilet paper.

My bff, The Realist, gently warned me not to expect to have that area unpacked and truly functional until February.

Whatever.  You’d think she had recently moved twice in two years or something. 

I was determined to prove her wrong.

The island was in our old kitchen.  I love having it in here!
The shelves were already here, so I’m making the most of them. 
The black cubbies holding my Martha Stewart microbeads and the little chicken feeder on the right are from the Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market.  I haven’t decided what to keep in the feeder, but isn’t it cute?
This is a little treasure I found at the Vintage Barn Antique Show this past summer.  I’m pretty sure it was actually found in a barn, considering the scrubbing it took before I could use it.  I added D-hooks to the back to hang it.
This piece used to be a wine crate.  Now it holds the fabric I keep on hand to aid in my facade.
My very favorite of all my junk treasures, a printer’s tray I found two years ago at the Farm Chicks Show.  

Um, so this cool tool tray might not actually belong to me.  But it was awfully lonely out in my garage…
And last but not least, my how-blessed-am-I-to-have-gotten-this-for-free library card catalog.  
My packages of alphabets are on the right, in an old drawer that I also found at Farm Chicks.  The cute tiered basket on the left is from The Trellis Marketplace.  I can’t decide what to put in it.  
Any suggestions?
And I found the old typewriter this summer at a garage sale.  DS #2 likes to use it to type stories.  He thinks it’s so much faster than writing.
So there you have it.  My craft area–done and open for business.  Vintage-y with some color thrown in.  Very me.
I just finished unpacking and putting away the last of my stuff today.  And it’s not even February yet.
She was so wrong about me.

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    Jewel, I spotted it at a church where my husband & I worked over a decade ago, stuck in a storage room holding sermon tapes. When Dave asked him about buying it, the pastor said if we cleaned out the tapes and boxed them up, we could have it! It’s definitely my favorite piece of furniture. :)

  2. 3


    What a great craft area! I love all the beautiful cubbies and storage areas you have and they’re filled with such gorgeous fabrics and such. And a library card catalog – sigh… Magnificent!

  3. 6


    It looks wonderful. I can’t decide what amazes me more, the organization or that organization can be that stylish. What a fun place to get busy playing in!

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