Alphabet Wall


For a while now, I’ve been wanting to do something decoratively with wall letters in different fonts, using the entire alphabet.  I was originally thinking of a border of some sort.

But this photo on Ohdeedoh caused me to shift gears and inspired me to move forward.


I had the perfect spot–a blank white wall in the room we use for school.  It’s the first thing you see when you walk down the stairs from the main level or up from the basement, and it was boring me to tears.


I knew in order for this to be an affordable project, I couldn’t just go out and purchase letters that were already painted/decorated.  I did find a few at thrift stores, but for the rest, I kept checking the craft store clearance sections, and I also used my 40% and 50%-off coupons.  So it took some time to gather what I needed.  (Actually, I got a bit of a head-start on the collection due to a monogram Christmas gift project I started when I was 8 months pregnant with Grace and never finished.  A typical third-trimester overachiever flop for me. :)

Getting started was the hard part.  I finally made myself lay out all the letters as-is on the floor and fiddled with them until I got a workable design.


Then I printed the photo on a regular sheet of paper, dug into my stash and started pulling patterned paper and fabrics in colors that I wanted to include, decided where to use them, and wrote notes on the photo as I went.

Whew.  The hardest part was over.  Next, I traced, cut out, and adhered the materials to my letters.  I used my ATG gun to stick them down and also applied a layer of Perfect Paper Adhesive over the top.  I used this top coat in particular because it’s UV resistant, and the wall gets a fair amount of direct afternoon sun.

Once the letters were done, I laid them out again on the floor and mounted them on the wall from there.  I measured and marked on the wall where the A and Z should go, put them up first, and then tried to follow my basic design, but I didn’t fret over exact placement.  I used 3M Command Small Picture Hanging Strips to stick them to the wall, which really helped when I needed to make little adjustments.  Most of my letters required only one set, which can hold up to a pound.

Here’s the finished product, close up


and in context.


I love how colorful it is and that it’s immediately visible when we walk up or down the stairs.  It adds so much, not only as the center of attention, but also by tying together the colors in the room.

I’m still working on this space, but it’s definitely becoming more of a cheerful place to be!

Most of the letters are wood, MDF, or paper mache pieces purchased at Michaels and JoAnn Fabric & Crafts.  For the H and M, I covered canvases with fabric and old sheet music respectively, then cut the letter out of patterned paper and adhered it.  The wire O is a Pottery Barn Teen piece I purchased on eBay for a fraction of the PB price, and it’s actually meant to hold photos, etc.  I just haven’t made it that far yet. :)

If you have questions about specific fabrics or patterned papers I used, please feel free to ask in the comments section and I will be happy to provide the information.


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